DMC Bieszczady Mountains - The wildest region of Poland

Still, the Bieszczady Mountains are considered to be the wildest, and by many tourists - also the most beautiful Polish mountains. They are able to amaze at any time of year. Bieszczady National Park is the third largest national park in Poland. 80 percent of its area is covered by forests where wolves, lynxes and bears and eagles hunt, and bison and elk seek peace and quiet.


Wild nature

Cruise or regatta on Solina

ChocoWine Spa

Carpathian Wine Salon

Ursa Maior brewery

International airport in Rzeszow



There are many noteworthy hotels in the Bieszczady Mountains, such as the Arłamów Hotel, which is a complex hotel with a view of the mountains, where every detail has been chosen to emphasize the close connection with the surrounding nature, Podkarpackie tradition, design and ecology.
The Dwor Kombornia Manor Hotel is a hotel complex, where everyone will find something unique. It is one of the best preserved residential complexes in south-eastern Poland.


Being in the Bieszczady Mountains you can visit such interesting objects as: 
Ursa Maior Brewery is a Bieszczady place by its nature. Here you can taste, experience and inspire, here you can enjoy beer from the very heart of the Bieszczady Mountains.
The Carpathian Wine Salon was created in the historic cellars of the manor complex which are witnesses of those times. The wines presented here must come from regions located in the Carpathians, be recognized in their region or country of origin. 
And many, many more!


In the Bieszczady Mountains you can have a pleasant time and relax in a climatic place, and at the same time get to know the regional products, which according to the idea of slow food are the basis of the dishes we serve. Wine and Talerzyki is a restaurant which, as we can safely say, represents the Podkarpackie province in terms of taste. On the other hand, the Stary Kredens restaurant is located in Sanok, which is the gateway to the Bieszczady Mountains and many tourists, before going to the mountains, stop for a while in this city.


Cultural life 

The list of attractions worth seeing in the Bieszczady Mountains is very long, and every regular visitor to the region certainly has his own proposals. However, we have created a list of places that create this famous "Bieszczady climate" and are a kind of distinguishing feature of the region: Trip to the Połoniny, Winnie the Pooh cabin, the highest peak in the Polish Bieszczady Mountains - Tarnica, Open-air Museum of Wood Coal Firing, Bieszczady Railway. 

Night life 

If you are looking for a night attraction for the group, an evening horse sleigh ride with torches will be a good proposition. Another one is a night club in the Arłamow Hotel where bowling is also available. For fans of feast-style events we offer an evening party in the Zakapior tavern or in the Tavern.

Group activities 

There are many forms of group activities available in the Bieszczady Mountains, such as: field games, canoeing, horseback riding or cruises. 
Cruise or regatta on Solina - Solina Lake called "Bieszczady Sea" is the largest artificial lake in Poland and thus a great center of rest for lovers of mountains, water and sun. Crystal-blue lake with a varied coastline squeezed between steep hills growing directly out of the water with numerous bays and islands delights with its charm. 


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