DMC - Toruń - Copernicus City

One of the two capitals of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship with a medieval urban complex inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the most important cultural and tourist centres in Poland. Toruń amazes every tourist with its beauty and magic.


Live museum of gingerbreads

House of Nicolaus Copernicus

Curve Tower

Vistula boulevards

The largest medieval bell in Poland




The expanded accommodation base of Torun receives over 2 million tourists per year and is divided by the Vistula River into northern and southern parts. Most of the facilities can be found in the north, above the bend of the river, within the Old Town Complex (hotels and apartments in the New and Old Town area). The area bounded by the Philadelphia Boulevard and the General W. Sikorski Embankment is the place where the most expensive accommodations were built, with windows overlooking, among others, the Old Market and the Town Hall. Tourists choosing apartments or hostels in the area of Podmurna or Szczytna streets, have only 300-400 m to walk to the Live Gingerbread Museum and the District Museum, and the Dream Valley (a picturesque park) and the ruins of the Teutonic Knights' Castle are within sight.


In Kujawsko-Pomorskie province there is a town which smells beautifully - it is Torun, famous for its traditional gingerbread. But Torun is not only the delicious delicacies - it is also a great conference room, suitable for seminars and events! It is in this city that you can organize sensational trainings and events for even the most numerous group of guests - and you will not overpay! It so happens that perfectly equipped conference rooms can be booked for really little money, and in the impressive hotel base you will surely find some comfortable and inexpensive accommodation! 


Tangle of narrow streets of the Old Town.Almost every signboard invites with dumplings straight from the oven, the best pasta in town, goose, after all, it is a November hit, sushi, which is good for every occasion. The staff dressed up in costumes from past eras invite you to the restaurant.  It is Torun. One of the best restaurants in town are: Coffee and Whisky House; Chleb i Wino; Restauracja Mistrz i Małgorzata; Szeroka.


Cultural life 

Poland’s Toruń is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It comes as no surprise to learn that its Old Town is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. Toruń was one of the few cities in the country which sustained no damage during World War Two, but the magic doesn’t end there. From famous astronomers to delicious biscuits to leaning towers, get exploring this wonderful city. One of the greatest pieces of secular Medieval architecture in Europe, Toruń’s Old Town Hall grabs all the headlines. It goes back to the middle of the 13th century, but the lasting work was done in the 1390s under the watch of the Teutonic Great Master, Konrad von Wallenrode. In an early-19th-century granary in the Old Town is a working reconstruction of a Renaissance bakery. At this setting you’ll get to see, and take part in, the traditional method of making gingerbread.

Night life 

Torun might be a compact city but it’s definitely not lacking in excellent nightlife. There is a huge choice and something to satisfy everyone’s requirements. Beer Barges: On the Vistula River in Torun are two static beer barges, and if you’re a beer lover they are worth a visit for a unique night. However, be warned, it’s beer or beer here, no spirits are available. Krajina Piva: Another highlight for beer lovers, this World of Beers has over 100 different types to choose from. eNeRDe: This is a popular student club with a popular courtyard. It’s inexpensive with a relaxed vibe. Szwejk: Another popular bar for the younger crowd. It has a fantastic summer garden with bar. Heaven: In the basement of the Town Hall you can find Heaven – a small and cosy bar to while away the evening.

Group activities 

We would like to invite you to the integration event in the city famous for gingerbread!  Toruń is an ideal place for such an event, the program can be full of various attraction-tasks requiring cooperation and at the same time focused on competition between groups of employees. Participants will be able, among others, to test their skills in shooting tournaments or orientation in the field during a city game.


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