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Specializing in the MICE segment the company’s main goal is the client’s satisfaction. We deliver successful events, maintain reliable and strong relationships with our partners and financial transparency. The long-lasting, fair and successful cooperation with our customers is our ultimate aim determining all our actions.


For each region and city, metropolis or small village lost in unforgettable tranquil landscapes , our team will take you on a path made of scents, colors , culture and unforgettable experiences , managing on site the unexpected. We guarantee a successful event.


Employing top professional as a base is imperative, working with the best suppliers guarantees success.

We are your partner for exciting, extraordinary, and safe travels!

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The main  tourist cities of Poland are voivodeship capitals and cities of significant touristic importance due to their historical and cultural heritage. These urban centers are an excellent destination for tourists who want to spend their free time sightseeing and enjoying the many attractions that these cities offer. 


16 Polish regions - voivodships have a wide range of attractions and leisure activities to offer to tourists. All of them are filled with tourist attractions and every Polish region is worth visiting.

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We have the knowledge and a 30 years experience in the proposal of the best and exclusive resort, venues and activities scattered throughout the Poland.

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  • The work took place at an express pace, with the involvement of numerous partners.Agency experience, knowledge of the specifics of the auto-moto industry, and above all: involvement, proactive approach, fast reaction and partner cooperation caused that despite the huge scale of the event and the short time of its organization, we felt safe and secure throughout the entire project.
  • The agency's many years of experience in organizing automotive events have paid off, thanks to which the new event formula that we implemented has been widely appreciated by the participants.We also managed to apply many innovative solutions that increased the attractiveness of the event, streamlined logistics and reduced the organization's costs.
  • Our solutions are characterized by high quality and safety. Events signed by Verifone also have to show a high quality. Agencja Power met these requirements during the organization of conferences and events for our clients and partners. We are fully satisfied with our cooperation with Agencja Power, event preparation and during the event.

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